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Michael J. N. Bowles

Images | Images 2 | Bio

A low boredom threshold combined with a rapacious curiosity has led Michael to photograph in outlandish locations with unpronounceable names. It has also led him into situations where his personality and diplomatic backpedaling have proved equally, if not more, valuable than his photographic skills.

An incongruous upbringing of being born and raised in Africa amidst the adrenaline rush of a civil war and then relocating to the drowsy Virginian countryside in his teens is tattooed in Michael's photographic style. Quirky, dramatic and often contradictory, he is just as at ease with an assignment on death row in Texas as he is in the vast expanse of the Namib desert, curled up on his own by a campfire, taking photographs of the shadows and silhouettes surrounding him.

Clients have included many international publications such as Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Amnesty International and others.

Michael is based between New York City and Sydney.


Images | Images 2 | Bio

Season highlights
Jan Anne Chesnut
  New prints,
  841 Wolf Trap Road
Feb Lincoln Perry
  Mural tour, Cabell Hall
  & new prints or drawings
Mar Sonia Fox
  on her figure painting
  Steven Strumlauf
  on his bronze sculpture
  and a studio tour
  Russ Warren
  On his prints,
  841 Wolf Trap Road
Apr William Albert Allard
  On his photography
May Richard Crozier and
  Edward Thomas
  and Plein-Air painting
  Nicole Noelle
Jun Michael J. N. Bowles
  and the Festival of the Photograph
  John Grant