Susan Fleischmann

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My work explores the notion that abstract, intuitive painting can be deeply structured as well as rhythmically expressionistic.

Trained in dance, I am energized by moving through space, keeping aware of this during the art making process. My paintings are informed by elements of Post Modern dance composition: simplification of form, repetition, fragmentation, ambiguity, and the balanced poetics of Tai Chi. I see the natural world metaphorically, and often paint a layer of language suggestion—imaginary script, thought fragments, simple markings—to leave traces of humanness within the abstraction.

Like a choreographer, I want to determine how space is inhabited. The opposites of light and dark, smooth and textured, vigorous surprise within a calm voice—together these contrasts drive the dynamic form of each piece.

For me, a painting is a poem: its sounds are visual, its meaning is indirectly revealed, and its power is concentrated and personal.


Images | Bio | Statement