Barry Gordon

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Barry Gordon was born in 1946 in Lewiston, Maine. His early interest in art was no doubt influenced by his father's career as a commercial artist and owner of an arts supply shop. However, the younger Gordon was inclined to emulate the lives and works of the Old Masters in his profession. He as earned hi living as a practicing artist - painting, darwing, and doing portraits and commissions, only rarely teaching.

The Course of his education was reflective of Renaissance thinking. He double majored in matematics and art at Brandeis University from 1965-69 and then attended the University of Rocjhester to graduate Phi Beta Kappawith a Master's degree in quantitative methods. From1972-74, he went on to earn a Master's degree in matematics at Yale University, followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Maryland in 1979.

Gordon next settled in Washington, D.C. where he lived and maintained a studio for a number of years. He regularly visited the galleries and the art museums in that city to further his studies and knowledge of the Masters. In the 1980s Gordon lived for a year in London and for several years in Paris. He was then selected as an Artist in Residence by the "fondatin Karolyi", affording an opportunity to live for a year in Vence, in the south of France. After some fuirther traveling in Europe, Gordon returned to the U.S. and again lived in Washington, D.C. An extended visit lasting several months to Bisbee, Arizona in 1991 resulted in a body of works bassed on that historic town. He then moved to Chalpe Hill, NC, were he painted many portraits and also produced a series of weekly illustrations for the Chapel Hill News. Since 2001 he has lived and worked in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he currently resides.

Throughout his long career, his drawings and paintings have attractd many collectors and patrons. In recent years, he has preferred mostly to exhibit his work independently, outside of the usual gallery system, and to sell directly to devoted clients who continue to follow his work. His most recent work continues his recurrent themes of Interiors, Still Life, Tabletops, and the exploration of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. He does not maintain a website at this time. He cites as primary influences on his work and his life: Rembrandt, Cezanne and Giacometti.


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