Lou Jordan

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Artist's statement

This phrase is in my studio: Vigorous Development of Line and Thought. It is a charge. Music, history and movement are the inspiration.

My teachers wisely advised to paint in your own unique time period. Be contemporary. A voice tells me, informed by reading William Faulkner and Eudora Welty, "paint what you know, have seen, lived with, is in mind." My major painting instructor, Morris Yarowsky, told the class "this is one of the few things you can control yourself." I've remembered and valued that thought.

A few camel hairs attached to a wooden stick, oil colors, linen, cotton, rag paper and palette paper are the materials I use.

I do not seek to be vague, to bewilder, to convert or to charm the viewer. I present what I see and what I think about.

I hope it moves on the canvas and that you can see music, a person, a place.


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