Deborah Kahn

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Deborah Kahn is a painter who lives in Maryland and teaches painting and drawing at American University in Washington DC. Kahnís oil paintings are complex and densely painted with countless layers of small brushstrokes in brilliant hues. Her imagery suggests distorted human and animal figures entangled in ambiguous spaces. Space in Kahnís paintings has no beginning and no end. There is no separation between color and drawing. The image, the skin of the paint, and the colored marks are one. Like living things, her paintings appear as masses that cannot be penetrated.

In 2004, Ms. Kahn received a Simon Guggenheim Fellowship for painting. She has exhibited her work regularly at the Bowery Gallery in New York City since l980, as well as in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and in Charlottesville at Les Yeux du Monde. Her work has been included in numerous prestigious group exhibitions, most recently selected for a Works on Paper exhibition in Nagoya Japan at the Toyota Municipal Museum.

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