Kathy Kuhlmann

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Kathy Kuhlmann is a child of the prairies, born and raised in rural North Dakota where the sky is expansive, the weather dynamic, and natures colors always on full display.   Interestingly, crows were an adversary on the farm.

Her education includes an Associate Degree from North Dakota State University, majoring in Textiles and Clothing with special interest in historical costume conservation and design.  She then earned a Bachelors Degree with highest Distinction from the University of Minnesota majoring in General Design with special interest in: fabric, dyeing, discharging, printing, appliqueing, and quilting.

'Wearable Art' became her first emphasis, using many and multiple processes and techniques to alter or embellish the surface.

While in Minneapolis she was involved in a number of group shows.   She was a featured artist at the "Art Vestments" wearable arts show at the American State of the Arts Gallery in New York City.

After moving to Charlottesville the wearable art and textile business eventually closed. As that door closed others opened including horseback riding and then back to art in the form of watercolors, phototransfers and other adventures.

She defines her art as the 'inward search with the outward expression'.

Crows seem to have reentered her life a few years ago.  She has developed an interest in all things crow.

Kathy and her husband live in Albemarle County with assorted non-humans.  


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