David Lee

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1937Charlottesville VA
Currently resides in La Quinta, CA


1956Woodberry Forest School
1960Williams College
1961Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
1984Graduate School of Anthropology, UVA


1964Bridge Gallery, NYC
1965Bridge Gallery, NYC
1967Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, “Systemic Art”, NYC
1968Washington University, Group Show chosen by Richard Bellamy, St. Louis,
1975(Film), Pyramid Theory, 1975
2004Les Yeux du Monde, Group Show chosen by Lyn Warren,
Charlottesville, VA, 2004


1966“A Systemic Revery from Abstraction to Now”, A Pamphlet of Essays
1967“Serial Rights”, Art News, Dec.
Catalogue Statement, Systemic Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1968Essay for Symposium on Jackson Pollock, Art News, April
“The Avant-Garde: Subtle, Cerebral, Elusive”, Time Magazine, Nov. 22,


Images | Bio