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Genevieve McConnell

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Born in France, Genevieve McConnell moved to Canada at the age of twenty to teach and complete her academic formation (Master and Ph.D. degree in Experimental Biology and Biophysics). While teaching Biological Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal, she was awarded a grant for professional artists from the Canadian government in recognition of her work (Sculpture and Jewelry). A year later she was exhibiting in Montreal, Quebec, New York and Paris while her pieces were on permanent exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Toronto.

She went on to become a Doctor of Osteopathy in the nineties, and in 1998 moved to Charlottesville when the University of Virginia hired her as a Research Scientist. Despite a heavy schedule, she kept her love for the arts alive, embarking on a new journey—painting—that has since become, along with sculpture, one of her main passions.

Some of Genevieve’s work (sculpture and jewelry) is on display at Les Yeux du Monde Gallery in Charlottesville, while her paintings, a series called “Silent Dialogues,” will be on exhibit later on this year.


Images | Images 2 | Bio

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  Newcomers Rob Tarbell, Taliaferro Logan, Kiki Slaughter, and Peyton Hurt will share the stage with well known Dean Dass, Lincoln Perry, and others
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