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Artist Statement

Presently, I am exploring how landscape relates to identity. My paintings are discussions about place and land. How geography is woven through past and present. How we visually project topography into our dreams and future. How the physical intertwines with the spiritual.

My process integrates both representation and abstraction. Layers of paint, wax, graphite and gold leaf combine to simultaneously construct and deconstruct. I've an affinity for mark making and the freedom of the Abstract Expressionists. I allow each work to resolve at different levels of abstraction with the ultimate goal of luring the viewer into his or her own sense of place and experience.

The Garden Series is inspired by recollections of my grandmother Lillian's garden. It examines how the everyday is in fact extraordinary and profound.

This Land features a collection of roadside and imaginative wanderings. It considers how we relate to landscape: passerby or participant, owner or sustainer. It is as much an exploration of the heart and soul as it is of diverse territories.

Of Paradise is inspired by a fascination with historical and cultural concepts of Paradise. I'm intrigued how our hopes construct into a demographic ideal. I wonder how that influences the way we shape and use our everyday landscapes.

Mcalister resides in Charlotte, NC. Virginia, Georgetown, SC and Sheridan, MT are also home.


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