Esmé Thompson

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Esmé Thompson is a painter and Professor of Studio Art who has taught at Dartmouth College since 1979. Her paintings are brilliant celebrations of color and design that make use of a wide range of source materials and link patterns found in nature with aspects of man-made design. She reminds us that in art, as in nature, simple patterns often organize lively and complex structures. Her work includes paintings on canvas, paper, board and painted metal relief pieces.

Thompson is a member of the Bowery Gallery in New York City. She has been a resident of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bogliasco Foundation in Italy, and returns to Italy often to pursue her interest in medieval painting and the decorative arts.

Thompson has curated a traveling group show, Networks and Intersections that appeared at the University of New Hamphshire, New Newton Art Center, and will be at Swarthmore College (November 2007) and the Brattleboro Museum (December 2007).


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