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Isabelle Abbot
Sam Abell
William Albert Allard
Susan Bacik
Robert Barbee
Karen Blair
Elizabeth Bradford
Cary Brown
Janet Bruce
Anne Chesnut
Richard Crozier
Dean Dass
John Borden Evans
Rosemarie Fiore
Shelby Fischer
Susan Fleischmann
Sonia Fox
Lydia Gasman
Ellen Hathaway
Lou Hicks
Diane Hughes
A. Peyton Hurt
Kris Iden
Sanda Iliescu
Herb Jackson
Lou Jordan
Deborah Kahn
David Lee
Gloria Lee
Janice Levy
Taliaferro Logan
Megan Marlatt
Anne Adams Robertson

Annie Harris Massie
Susan Mcalister
John McCarthy
Patricia McClung
Genevieve McConnell
Donna Mintz
Susan Murphy
Stefanie Newman
Lindsey Oberg
Trisha Orr
Beatrix Ost
Lincoln Perry
Edie Read
Celia Reisman
Martha Saunders
Italo Scanga
Elizabeth Schoyer
Anne Slaughter
Kiki Slaughter
Earl Staley
Kurt Steger
Steven Strumlauf
David Summers
Rob Tarbell
Esmé Thompson
Ted Turner
Christophe Vorlet
Russ Warren
Sanford Wintersberger
Stanley Woodward

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Collector's Club

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Download Les Yeux du Monde Collector's Club brochure and form
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An invitation to join the...
LYDM Collectors' Club,

   Download brochure and form (pdf) >

About Collectors' Club
Collectors' Club is a Les Yeux du Monde initiative designed to nurture and further educate both novices and experienced collectors in the joys of collecting and living with art.

About LYDM Gallery
Founded in 1995 by art history Ph.D. Lyn Bolen Warren, Les Yeux du Monde (The Eyes of the World) Gallery specializes in contemporary art by regional, national and international artists with an eye to the historical importance of each artist shown. Its mission is not only to help clients create important collections, but also to educate and inspire by offering a wide range of gallery talks, studio classes, studio visits, and entertaining artistic events.

Benefits of Collector's Club membership...

...Monthly previews
   just before the opening of new exhibitions
   with discussions of the art by
   Lyn Bolen Warren, Curator/Director

...10% off
   of any purchases made throughout the

...Free admission
   to all artists' talks, collectors' events, studio visits and trips

...Personal consultations
   about particular art and collections

Cost: $100 per person

Calendar of events 2010-2011
for Collectors Club and other art enthusiasts

All events are open without charge to members of the Collectors Club and the Directors's Discussions are open only to its members. All Opening Receptions are free and open to the public. Other events will be open with a reservation and sometimes a fee.


Clay Witt
Ultra Marine

18 November - 2 January

5 December | 3 pm
Clay Witt Gallery Talk & Holiday Open Gallery FREE

8 December | 12 pm
Clay Witt Gallery Talk & Christmas Luncheon

William Albert Allard

12 December | 3 pm
Book Signing & Holiday Open Gallery FREE


This I Saw: 100 Tunes of Humor, Death and Lies
Drawings by Russ Warren

8 January | 3 pm
Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion

9 January | 3 pm
Russ Warren On Drawing

Megan Marlatt
Molded from Complicated Mixtures

21 January - 27 February

21 January | 4:30 pm
Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion

6 February | 3 pm
Megan Marlatt Gallery Talk & Champagne and Chocolate

John Borden Evans
New Paintings

3 March - 17 April
Please note change of show start date from March 5th to March 3rd.

11 March | 4:30 pm
Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion
Please note change of date from March 5th to March 11th.

20 March | 3 pm
John Borden Evans Gallery Talk & Spring Fling

John McCarthy
A Retrospective

22 April - 5 June

22 April
4:30 pm
Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion
8 pm
A Celebration of John McCarthy's Life & Art

Three Masters
Focus on Photography
William Albert Allard, William Christenberry, Michael Nichols

8 June - 10 July

Festival of the Photograph Exhibition
3 July - 10 July

Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion

Picasso: Prints from the Mediterranean Years
14 July - 21 August

Arcadia and the Mediterranean
8 July - 15 August
In association with the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival

8 July | 4:30 pm
Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion

Musical performances and Lectures with the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival

Martha Saunders
Intersecting Pauses

26 August - 3 October

26 August | 4:30 pm
Collectors' Club Preview Director's Discussion

Russ Warren
While We Sleep

6 October - 13 November

6 October | 4:30 pm
Collectors' Club Preview & Director's Discussion
16 October | 3 pm
Russ Warren Gallery Talk Autumn Open Gallery

Dean Dass
Heaven and Earth, New Prints and Paintings

18 November - 31 December
This show is in conjunction with Second Street Gallery's exhibition: Dean Dass: Studies for a project that cannot be realized, 1986 - 2011.

18 November | 1-5 pm

18 November | 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Opening Reception

December | TBA
Dean Dass & Holiday Celebration

Some of these dates may shift during the course of the year and more events will be added. Always check our website, for updates or find us on Facebook, LYDM for the latest information. Send us your email address if you would like to receive our email invitations, as we will not be printing cards for each exhibition in 2011.

Why collect?
Art is a valuable investment that often transcends typical market fluctuation. It adds value to your visual environment and can bring great pleasure. However, it has been typically relegated to a small sector of the community. With membership in the Collector's Club we are offering a great opportunity to learn more about the art world, and to collect selected prints and photographs at a discounted price, before they become available to the general public.

LYDM's goal in the gallery has always been to promote education about art and artists that are historically significant. In so doing, we help individuals and corporations in building significant collections that suit their particular tastes and spaces.

The Collector's Club will address certain common questions from potential collectors, such as:

What makes an artist important or valuable?
  How does art compare to other investment opportunities?
  What is the role of Art Fairs in contemporary collecting?
  How does a gallery owner select artists for exhibition?
  What role do the arts play in a city’s/area’s cultural heritage?

To do this and to explore these issues, we will visit collectors' homes, artists' studios, other galleries and museums, and art fairs.

Past events
LYDM formed Collector's Club in 2008 with monthly special events for its members and a featured artist/work per month sold to members for discounted prices.

For prior events:
Spring 2010 >
Fall 2008 and spring/summer 2009 >