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Collector's Club


Join the Collector’s Club at LYDM and discover all of the benefits that collecting art has to offer. With membership in the Collector’s Club we are offering a great opportunity to learn more about the art world, and to collect selected prints and photographs at a discounted price, before they become available to the general public.

December 2008
Clay Witt
Limited copies from edition still available to new members.
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Burning Bush by Clay Witt at Les Yeux du Monde

Clay Witt. Burning Bush, 2007.

January 2009
Anne Chesnut
New print edition available January 25.

In honor of the Inauguration: “red, white or blue”.

Sprinkler & Primrose by Anne Chesnut at Les Yeux du Monde

Anne Chesnut. Sprinkler & Primrose, 2009.
Print, image size: 12 x 6"
See artist's pages >

RoseWOOD, RoseWATER by Anne Chesnut at Les Yeux du Monde

Anne Chesnut. RoseWOOD, RoseWATER, 2009.
Print, image size 9 x 25"

Lepus by Anne Chesnut at Les Yeux du Monde

Anne Chesnut. Lepus, 2009.
Print, image size 12 x 18"